Terms and conditions

By participating in the Continental Rewards Program ('Rewards Program'), you agree to be bound by the Rewards Program terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the Rewards Program:

  1. The Rewards Program is designed solely to provide participants with an incentive to refer customers to order genuine Continental New or Factory Rebuilt Engine. For each customer that a participant refers, which results in the installation (by the participant) of a Factory New or Rebuilt Engine in the customer's aircraft, Continental will make a $500 payment to the participant. In addition to the $500 payment, each participant is entitled to two free annual places in the Continental Engine Training School conducted at Continental factory in Mobile, Alabama.  Classes are only valid for the calendar year that reward(s) are submitted and cannot be rolled over to another calendar year or transferred to another participant. Limit 2 class entries per participant.
  2. By participating in the Rewards Program, participant acknowledges that it is not affiliated with Continental in any way, that the Rewards Program does not create any form of partnership, distributorship, agency, joint venture or other formal or informal business arrangement, and that neither Continental nor participant is authorized to represent, bind, act for, or represent the other.
  3. Participants must operate a business entity offering engine maintenance and repair services to retail customers or fleet operators, with facilities sufficient to accomplish engine removals and installations on a variety of certificated airframes, either as a US FAA Part 145 Certificated Repair Station (or international equivalent) or as a maintenance provider in accordance with FAR Part 43  (or international equivalent).
  4. A New or Rebuilt Factory Engine must be ordered and a complete and operable core must be returned.
  5. Upon receipt of the engine core and verification that the correct operable core has been returned, a $500 payment will be issued to the participant.
  6. Engines purchased and sold under the Rewards Program will be covered by the applicable New or Factory Rebuilt Engine warranty.
  7. These terms and conditions may be modified, and the Rewards Program may be terminated, at any time with or without notice to participants.